Car seat program

Child passenger safety is one of the multiple programs administered by the nurses.  Two nurses, Dunel Fry and Dawn Schmenk, are certified child passenger safety technicians.  Children who qualify for WIC or Medicaid are eligible to receive one car seat per child provided by the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes program at Ohio Department of Health.  In addition, the local Baby Needs Program donates funds to purchase infant carriers for the clients that are referred by that program.  In 2019, we received an injury prevention grant that focused on working with law enforcement and the court system to create a child passenger safety diversion program.  Now, if people get a ticket from law enforcement for not having their child properly restrained in the car, they can come to the health department, participate in an educational program, receive an appropriate car seat for their child and learn how to properly install it.  By participating in this program, the ticket cost may be reduced or eliminated.


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