Bed bugs are reemerging as a public health concern for private citizens and the hospitality industry.  While they can cause much distress, inconvenience and even property loss, they do not transmit disease.

Bed bugs are best described as a wingless, reddish-brown insect that is about the size of an apple seed (1/4 to 3/8 inch long).  Much like a mosquito, bed bugs require blood meals to stay alive.

Bed bug infestations can happen anywhere and to anyone.  The best method of treatment is prevention.  Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not travel long distances to infest homes.  You or someone you know typically introduces bed bugs to your home.  Bed bugs may be found on new or used furniture, in hotel or bed and breakfast rooms, or when someone temporarily stays at your home.  The Office of the State Fire Marshall is responsible for licensing hotels, motels, and single room occupancies in the State of Ohio.  To make a complaint regarding hotels, motels, or single room occupancies in the State of Ohio, contact the State Fire Marshall at (888) 276-0303.

Infestation of bed bugs can be very difficult to manage.  It may require professional assistance, but the homeowner must also help with removal of bed bugs.


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