Emergency preparedness

Putnam County has dealt with its share of emergency situations that required immediate response. We continue to plan and conduct drills with our partners so that we are prepared to respond to all emergencies. The Putnam County Health Department plans guide our response to public health emergencies.


The Emergency Response Plan defines responsibilities of the health department when responding to any emergency. A redacted copy of the Emergency Response Plan for Putnam County is available for review through this link If you wish to review the plan in its entirety, please call PCHD to make an appointment with the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

emergency plan includes:

  • Tracking and controlling contagious diseases
  • Continual operations of the health department during emergency events
  • Communication needs during emergencies
  • And much more!

Personal Preparedness

The Putnam County Health Department encourages all to be personally prepared for emergencies. Click on the following links
for helpful ways you and your family can plan, prepare and stay informed in regard to emergencies.

Disaster Checklist


Family Preparedness Plan

Check out this template to help you be prepared for an emergency.

Preparedness Plan

We welcome comments and suggestions – on how to improve our plan to meet the needs of the community. We are also available to provide presentations to your group or organization on Emergency Preparedness, Pandemic Flu or other emergency preparedness-related topics. Please contact Angela Recker for more information.


Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Angela Recker, EMT

p. 419-523-5608, ext 104

e. [email protected]