Food Safety

The Putnam County Health Department inspect every food operation and retail food establishment in Putnam County. The number of inspections a facility varies based on the Risk Level of the facility. Risk Level is determined by the amount and type of food handling the facility does and the potential risk to public health. The Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code is used to determine if the facility is complying with regulations and to ensure a safe food supply for consumers. Violations are cited as appropriate. The sanitarians also inspect facilities each time a complaint is received concerning that operation. Contact the Putnam County Health Department for more information about obtaining a food service operation or retail food establishment license.

Temporary Food Licenses are required for events in which an individual or organization intends to prepare and sell food to consumers. Examples of such events includes: Putnam County Fair, festivals, fundraisers, auctions or other small events. Click here for a “Temporary Food License Packet”. Cost for the temporary license is $50.00/event. Checks must be made payable to “Putnam County Health Department”. The license application and fee must be received at least 10 days prior to the event. It may be dropped off at the health department or mailed to:

Putnam County Health Department
256 Williamstown Rd.
Ottawa, OH 45875

If you have additional questions regarding food safety or how to obtain a license, please call 419-523-5608 and speak to anyone in the Environmental Public Health Division.