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Director of Nursing: Sherri Recker, RN, MSN
Director of Environmental Health: Brandi Schrader, M.Ed, RS

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Water First for Thirst to Stay Hydrated this Summer

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures continue to rise! During the hot days of summer, it is important to make sure you are staying hydrated and drinking “water first for thirst.” Unfortunately, many people are not getting the water they need. Even mild dehydration can cause concerns such as headaches, difficulty concentrating, impaired mood and even kidney stones.
Here are some simple tips to help you get the water you need:
• Always have water with you. Having it handy will help remind you to take a quick break.
• If you are feeling a little “out of sorts,” grab a quick, cool drink. Studies show that people feel more alert after drinking some water, so rehydrate to ramp up your mood!
• Eating foods like fruits, vegetables and yogurt will automatically up your fluid intake.
• Drink some herbal tea to settle down at night and help you get that last bit of water before you turn in for the night.
If you are elderly, or are a caretaker of an elderly person, be aware of the increase risk of dehydration. As a person ages, they may not always feel thirsty and so do not take drinks of water throughout the day.




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