Environmental Public Health

The Environmental Public Health Division of the Putnam County Health Department performs services to protect the health of Putnam County residents. This division works closely with many agencies at the local, state, and national level in addition to non-governmental agencies in order to protect and promote public health.

The following programs are the responsibility of the Environmental Public Health Division


Bed Bug Information from CDC

Inspection Reports and enforcement activities are public records and may be requested using the Public Records Request Form. Click here for the Public Records Request Form.

Director of Environmental Public Health:
Brandi Schrader, M.Ed.,RS
419-523-5608 Ext. 112

Beth Skulina, M.Ed., RS
419-523-5608 Ext. 113
Email: beth.skulina@putnamhealth.com
Dainna Raye, RS
419-523-5608 Ext. 114