Health Promotion

Health Promotion/Education Programs

Health promotion and education programs are available to provide information to the community about important health and lifestyle related topics. Below are some of the health promotion activities of the Putnam County Health Department:

              • Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention- Obesity has become an issue in both adults and children in our nation,
                our state and our county. The 2010 Community Health Assessment showed that 75% of the adults in Putnam
                County are overweight or obese. The Putnam County Health Department joined with several other agencies and
                organizations to for the Live Healthy, Live Happy Putnam County Action Team. The LHLHPC Action Team works to
                provide information and programs for county residents. For more information regarding obesity
                in our nation, see the following link for the HBO documentary: The Weight of the Nation.
                   The LHLHPC Action Team will soon be providing information and programs for church communities in Putnam County.

                   The Action for Healthy Kids Challenge is a program for fourth graders that encourages students to be more physically
                   active. Students track their activity for four months and must reach a set goal to qualify for incentives.

               • Farm Safety - Each year, in April, hundreds of Putnam County third graders visit the Dale and Ruth Gerding Farm for
                 Farm Safety Camp. The students learn many different ways to keep them safe and healthy on the farm and at home.
                 Topics covered include: grain entrapment, lawnmower safety, gun safety, chemicals, poison safety, water safety,
                 electrical safety, tractor safety, smokeless tobacco use, and ATV safety. A mock ATV accident and response,
                 including fire department, EMS personnel and Life flight, takes place.

               • Win the Race Against Cancer 5K- The 5K takes place each year in July in conjunction with the Tri-State Rhythm
                  and Rib Fest held at the Putnam County Fairgrounds. Proceeds from the 5K go to the Putnam County Cancer
                  Task Force and/or the Putnam County Cancer Assistance Program.

               • Matter of Balance Fall Prevention Program- The Putnam County Health Department has teamed up with the Putnam                  County Council on Aging and the Putnam County YMCA to offer this program for anyone with concerns about falling. This                  8-week program is designed to help reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels for older adults who have                  concerns. Call the health department at 419-523-5608 or any of the partners for a class schedule.

               • School and Community Presentations- Health Department staff are available to provide presentations for school and                   the community groups on a variety of health related and emergency preparedness topics. Please call for more                   information.

               • Chronic Disease Awareness- The health department is a resource for information for many chronic diseases including                   heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. Follow on Facebook for health related updates!

Joan Kline, CHES
419-523-5608 Ext. 239